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Safety Guidebook
This year, Art Farm and Artist Dan O'Toole have collaborated to deliver a no-cost Safety Guidebook for artists.

Safety and risk are a constant when creating and presenting artwork. Awareness about what could be dangerous or hazardous can sometimes be elusive, and it's important that artists recognise the fact that some design decisions need to be guided by and signed off by professionals (engineers, experts, and safety consultants). Our guidebook is not a substitute for professional advice, but it can help artists improve their understanding of best practice.

However, there are steps when conceiving, designing, creating, installing, and maintaining large and small work that should be kept in mind to enhance the creative process. Considering safety shouldn't be a barrier to creativity - in fact, it's a way to let your confidence and ideas grow. This Safety Guidebook for outdoor public artworks can give you the tools to make your work as ambitious as possible.


We hosted a public, no-cost workshop on Sunday, July 23rd.  Below, we share our Guidebook for artists, developed by Dan O Toole and Art Farm, for those interested in improving their understanding of risk management.

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